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  • Each RawBox has roughly 10  products; a total value of $40-$80.
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  • RawBox features mostly snacks, however, we throw in a clean lifestyle product or two.
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  • Not all products are 100% raw, but are always plant-based, gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, and refined sugar-free.
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RawBox combines your love of raw, natural living with the fun of receiving a special delivery every other month! Whether you are already living a clean lifestyle, or simply looking to improve your health...RawBox can make your journey even better! Sign up today for your subscription and start discovering a new, healthier you!


Your Best Health, Delivered.

Most people spend years battling weight and health issues, diet hopping, doctor hopping, and never really feeling their best. With all of the diet programs out there, there is one simple truth that prevails. The more you eat living foods....the more you feel ALIVE! From preventing disease, to losing weight and looking years younger than your actual age...A clean, plant-based lifestyle can allow you to finally become the best version of you!

So where do you start?  Going raw isn't always easy. We all have rough days and bad habits, and sometimes we need a little support. At RawBox, we are dedicated to helping you live your most vibrant life. We want you to have all the benefits of 'going raw', without the pain it usually takes to get there.  We search the country to identify the healthiest raw, plant-based products on the market. We identify brands who are passionate about helping you reach optimal health, and then we deliver their products right to your door!

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Adopting a raw, clean lifestyle can make you feel healthy and alive.  We want everyone to feel that freedom!

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